Please watch the video or follow the instructions below.



1. Remove the Inflatable NECKRITE® and its cover from their packaging.  Roll out the cover and carefully unfold the inflatable. 



2. If you would like to use the NECKRITE® without its cover, skip to step 5.


3. Find the top of both the NECKRITE® inflatable and cover.  The top of the inflatable has indent grooves for your arms. The top of the cover has corresponding pattern.


4. Prior to inflating, insert the NECKRITE®™ inflatable into the cover so that the air valves are accessible through the zipper. Be sure the top of the inflatable is facing the top of the cover. 


5.  Inflate the NECKRITE®.  The NECKRITE® has two chambers so you can adjust the overall height and firmness to your preference.  Each chamber is equipped with a two-stage air valve.  Open BOTH parts of each valve prior to inflating.  Blow air through the large portion until fully inflated.  Quickly close the large valve.  Some air may have leaked out when closing the large valve. Use the small valve to inflate it the rest of the way.  Close the small value.  Do this for both chambers.

6.  PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT OVER-INFLATE THE NECKRITE®!  Doing so will cause the zipper to break when you try to zip the cover.  A properly inflated NECKRITE® should look like this.



7.  Zip the cover.  Be sure to pinch the cover as you go.  Do not force the zipper!  If it is too difficult to close, the NECKRITE® is OVER-INFLATED!  Remove some air from each chamber. 


8.  While seated, place the NECKRITE® on your lap face up.  The zipper should be away from you with the arm grooves on top.  Lay your arms on the arm grooves while holding your favorite device in your hands and enjoy your NECKRITE®!   For best results and an over-all better neck position, hold your device at or close to eye level. 

9. To deflate the NECKRITE®, open both large air valves and roll up for safe keeping.